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By GSMArena Official
Sep 3, 2021
Asus ROG Phone 2 review

Hey, what's up guys will here for GSM marina, we've done quite a few videos on gaming phones recently, but the one you guys have asked us the most about. Is this phone, the ASUS ROG phone -? This thing is an absolute gaming monster, so let me tell you all about it. In our four of you, the ASUS ROG phone 2 is made like many smartphones these days, there's a glass back and an aluminum frame. However, it is a bit different from your average flagship. As a gaming phone, the ROG 2 brings a gaming. Look thought it is more subdued than some competitors, you still get a few aggressive accents, but the colors are tame, and the body is rounded not angular.

This phone is a beast, is taller thicker and heavier than last year's model. You get a larger screen and a huge 6000 million power battery, and now the cooling system doesn't protrude as much. Of course, there wouldn't be a true gaming device without colorful, RGB LEDs. There are a bunch of options for the patterns and colors, or you can switch it off entirely. The screen is a six point.

Six inch AMOLED with a 1080p resolution, and it's Hall aspect ratio. The selfie cam sits within the thick top bezel and the bottom one is large as well. Asus says this gives you space to rest your thumbs while gaming, this screen has a refresh rate of a hundred and twenty Hertz twice that of a typical smartphone panel, when you're scrolling or playing high frame rate content, moving images, look more crisp without blurring or smearing at the edges. Higher frame rates for gaming are the real deal and, although many games don't support anything higher than 60fps, there's a growing number that do we'll leave a link to an extensive list in the description below anyway. Back to the display, it really looks great.

The high refresh rate doesn't compromise the black levels, and you also get punchy colors. You can still up for more accurate colors and settings and there's HDR support too. If you want to watch HDR content on your phone, maximum brightness is impressive for a high refresh rate panel blowing competitors like the red magic three out of the water. We got 418 its maximum with a manual slider and a boost up to 620, nits and auto mode in bright conditions. The panel is also quite responsive.

A Rue says that its industry-leading takes to 240, Hertz input polling and out to my software. This is a low touch latency could give you that extra edge in your games as an AMOLED screen. There isn't always on display, so you can check your phone at a glance, but in case you need it. Asus has also included a notification LED up at the top to catch your attention, along with good visuals. You need a good audio and the DOG phone too has one of the best smartphone speakers we've ever tested.

It's a stereo speaker set up with a five magnet design and each speaker has its own amplifier. Loudness is really impressive, and you get great depth and clarity. There is a 3.5 millimeter jack for headphones, a 24-bit DAC for high-res audio and FM radio support. One thing to keep in mind is that on this phone storage isn't expandable through micro SD, but you do get a ton of storage onboard with the larger option, reaching one terabyte under to displace. It's an optical fingerprint reader for you to wake up and unlock the phone it works pretty well, not the fastest.

Around though face unlock is an option too, but a less secure one. One unique aspect of the DOG phone — is that it has two USB seaports, one at the bottom and one on the side. The side one offers a more advanced, USB 3.1 connection, and you can use it to charge or to connect to accessories. Like the arrow active cooling fan, the fan does come in the retail box, and it even works with the included arrow case. It does a great job at keeping the phone in your hands, nice and cool, and it's more quiet than last year's fan.

The lunar game pad is an important accessory, but sadly you'll have to buy it separately. It's surely worth the money, though, depending on the game, you can make the whole experience much more comfortable. The controller was developed by a sews and there's a left and a right side. These pieces can slide into a special holder to form a wireless console controller. Another option is to attach the pieces to the shell case, which converts your phone into something resembling a Nintendo Switch you'll have to link the buttons to the screen controls of your games, but the process is pretty straightforward and Asus says as soon this won't even be necessary.

Players will be able to share their key maps for you to download another accessory that can work together with a controller is the twin view: dock — it attaches to the phone and gives it a second screen identical to the first one. The twin view can be combined with the controller, and the second screen is useful for multitasking or having videos or music. In the background, the setup looks similar to a Nintendo DS, but sadly, very few. If any game has support two screens for now, you also have options to buy other docks. The mobile desktop dock nuts, the phone to a monitor mouse and keyboard and Android gaming with them actually works great.

You also get a bunch of different ports for connectivity. Another dock we checked our was the wide gig display dock, which uses 60 gigahertz Wi-Fi, to connect the phone wirelessly to a TV or monitor with low latency when it works, it works great, but the range is quite limited if you want the best results: okay, okay enough about the accessories. Let's move on to the DOG 2 is performance and how it actually holds up during some heavy gaming. It has the top chipset currently available the Snapdragon 855, plus, basically an overclocked version of the Snapdragon 85 with it boosted, Arena 640 GPU. Along with that, you also get 12 gigs of RAM in CPU benchmarks.

The DOG phone 2 has scores similar to other top flagships. It does score much better with onscreen rendering tests, because with high refresh rate screen, its frame rate isn't limited to 60fps in GPU tests. The DOG 2 scores significantly better than phones with the regular Arena 640. It's not a huge difference, but it's there when we ran our thermal throttling tests. The results were quite good after 25 minutes of heavy use with the performance mode.

On the dog, 2 throttled down to 85 percent of max CPU performance, but was able to maintain that for the rest of the hour-long session, when we attach to use the included fan, things got a lot more comfortable and thermal throttling disappeared. While peak performance didn't change, the phone was able to maintain close to 100% sustained CPU performance for the whole hour. Overall, the gaming experience is excellent. Here, I haven't run into any hiccups yet and supported games of quest smooth at a higher frame rate and, of course, with the controller. It feels like a legit console setup, but even without the controller, it's still really enjoyable.

The ultrasonic air triggers on the corners of the phone are quite handy, especially for shooter games. They recognize, taps and swipes and give haptic feedback. It's all customizable — to be an effective mobile console. You need to have good battery life and Isis. Have you covered here with its hefty six thousand William hour battery the DOG phone — scored an excellent endurance rating of a hundred and fourteen hours an hour dietary tests, while his screen was set at 120 Hertz, when we switched to the less demanding 60 Hurst mode, the rating was a whopping 132 hours.

Unlike most flagships these days, the ROG 2 doesn't have superfast. Charging. A SU says that it wants to preserve the lifetime. With the battery is 30 watt charger with hypercharge. Technology got the battery from 0 up to 66%.

In just under an hour, the DOG phone 2zy sits on top of zen uy6 based on android 9 pi. If you switch on the performance mode, the wallpaper will start glowing as if the whole phone is going into overdrive. You do have the option to switch to the more traditional before home screen. If you want to, there are extensive power and battery saving options, as well as a system-wide audio equalizer called the audio wizard one handy menu available in game is the game genie it slides out from the left side of the display and gives you a host of gaming options. If you want, you can enable a floating toolbar that gives you real-time info on your CPU GPU temperature battery level and fps.

You can map your air triggers from here and impressively record macros as well to map complex touchscreen input, there's also an onboard screen recorder to capture your gaming feeds and is customizable as well going even beyond these options, you have an entire gaming portal, called the armory crate, a dedicated hub for all of your games and customization options. I like the design, but I wish you could customize the look of games on the carousel seems to be assigned randomly. Each game has its own individual profile, where you can tweak extensive options, performance, graphics and temperature controls are all here among many others. Finally, let's move on to the cameras which are by no means the focus of this type of phone they're, still nice, actually the same setup as the Asus before 6. You get a 48 megapixel main camera, the quad Bayer filter, which doesn't have IS and a 13 megapixel ultra webcam in good light.12 megapixel photos from the main cam lock very nice Auto HDR is on by default, and these images have a lot of detail and almost no noise color reproduction is nice and then mimicked range is quite wide. The ultra-wide cam has fixed focus and takes all right shots, they're, not comparable quality wise to the main camera, but they're still decent and the distortion correction does a good job in portrait mode.

The results are okay, too. The edge detection is sometimes off, but with some patience you can get a decent both shot in low-light quality from the main camera. As in grains, there is good detail, but images are overall soft and there's a fair amount of noise. Turning on the dedicated night mode does improve things by evening out the exposure saving some blown highlights and reducing the noise ultra-wide shots at night are generally not very good, though you do get some improvement when night mode is switched on in daylight, selfies from the 24 megapixel front-facing camera. Actually, pretty solid detail is good, as well as the colors and sharpness videos can be taken from the main cam at up to 4k at 60fps with as in all modes.

Video quality is excellent across the board. There's a lot of detail and the laid-back processing means that colors look natural, and you don't have aggressive sharpening the ultra-wide cam can shoot in up to 4k at 30fps. Colors are punchy ER, but the videos have slightly more noise in the main camp, but regardless they look solid. So there you have it guys the ASUS ROG phone -. This brings pretty much all the features you'd be looking for in a gaming phone there's a solid build with LEDs, an all star, AMOLED screen that brings a high refresh rate and high brightness awesome, stereo speakers, excellent performance, tons of battery life and a score of cool and useful accessories available to flush out your gaming experience.

But is it perfect? No, though, the screen is amazing, it's still only 1080p I guess. The higher resolution is something to look forward to in the future, and there is no IP rating here against water and dust, so you should be extra careful with the phone. But honestly these are just nitpicks if you're looking for a gaming phone- and you want the best of the best here- it is the new king in town. It's not cheap and most people wouldn't dream of buying this phone. But for that dedicated group of hardcore mobile gamers, the DOG phone — definitely deserves our recommendation.

Thanks for watching guys and see you on the next one.

Source : GSMArena Official

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