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By Techniqued
Sep 3, 2021
Vivo Y73 Review

Here and in this video we're going to do a detailed review of the new VIVO y73, so VIVO y73 is the latest smartphone announced under the y series. Now we all know that the y series is more of an offline, centric uh category and why uh 73 is more of offline centric device, and you can see that the pricing is slightly on the higher side at 20. Triple nine is surprising, and this device comes with a full HDMI display. It's a standard, uh refreshing. Now you get the hello g95 OCTA core processor, 64, megapixel, triple camera setup, a 33 volt charging and a 4000 my capacity battery, and you get android 11 along with fun touch OS. So how good is the device? That's what we're going to talk about in this detail review now before getting started? If this is your first time on, this channel does hit that subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish.

So let's begin so, first and foremost, thing the design and build quality. Now this stands out on the VIVO y73. Now this is quite similar to the VIVO uh v20 launched last year. Now you get a flat back panel. This is glass back pane lag glass, it's just 7.38 mm in thickness and at just 170 odd grams in weight and the slimness is perfect on this device. Even the weight distribution is pretty good.

Now, a good thing about the device. Is it's sandwiched between glass? So you get a premium back panel. It's a glass back pane lag glass, and you also get a friend glass panel. Now uh the frame is plastic. Now it's not the frame, that's the problem! Now the plastic material around the frame doesn't look really premium.

VIVO could have done slightly better in terms of finishing on the frame. We're not saying a plastic frame is bad, but the finishing around the plastic frame could have been better, but otherwise it's definitely a good-looking device out there, especially the two colors available. You get a pattern. A line pattern on the black variant and even the other color also looks perfect. So in terms of design and build quality is definitely a good-looking device out there.

Uh, it is lightweight, and it's also slim, so that's the design and build quality. Now. Next, let's move on to the display. Now this device comes with a full HDMI display. Now it's an AMOLED display and the refresh rate is standard 60hz, that's probably the disappointing aspect here now: 21 000 price segments, and you get just 60 hertz.

That's definitely not the current standards you get to see on other devices. But having said that, the display quality is good. It's a vivid and vibrant colorful panel and the touch response also feels quite smooth uh. Once again uh. We don't see that smoothness uh, which a 90 hertz or a 120 hertz refresh it offers.

So that's something which is missing on this device as well, but otherwise the display quality is good. It's smooth, and the touch response also feels quite smooth. Now next is the software. Now this device runs on the VIVO's, fun touch OS, and this is on top of android 11. And in terms of software features, it does offer a lot of additional options like customizing the display options.

Uh there is dark mode option: dynamic effects can be included, fingerprint animation charging animation. So you get a lot of additional features too. Then you have options like uh, managing the shortcuts game mode. Then esports mode s, capture mode s motion, then customizing the navigational buttons. So a lot of additional features are offered so VIVO's.

Funder choice is definitely good. Actually, it's improved a lot in the last couple of years and this device offers pretty good experience in terms of software now um. Even the multitasking and ram management also looks quite okay, so the software experience is good, but there are some plots which has to be removed. Otherwise, it's quite a good experience on the VIVO by 73. Now, moving on to the performance side, now you get a hello g95 OCTA core processor, with 8 gigabyte ram, and this is again you can expand the ram as such by adding three gigabyte ram from the storage.

Now you get 128 gigabyte series, that's the only variant available. Now the performance is pretty good. In terms of day-to-day experience, we hardly felt any issues uh. The hello g95 is quite a capable chipset. Although it might not be the best chipset for this price segment, especially 21 000 price segments, the hello g95 is definitely not the worthy processor, but again it does a quite good job.

Again. Gaming is a decent performance on this uh. We know that Hilo g95 can do a bit of good gaming in this price segment. So even gaming experience was quite okay. Again, it's not a gamer's device per se, but then you can do a gaming on this device.

Now the software performance is once again pretty good on this device. Now you get if uh in display fingerprint scanner uh, which is something which VIVO provides on most of the devices in this price segment. So in display fingerprint scanner and face unlock is again pretty good. Now the uh quality is good uh, it's a 4g device of 4g LTE device. There is no 5g support again 21 000 enterprise segments and there is no 5g being offered.

But again, I would say uh at this point of time. There's no uh, uh point in going behind five JK 5g is not auction, so uh not having a 5g is not a con on this device. That's what we feel now uh call quality is again good. Again we tried with idea and Vodafone. We were quite happy with what is being offered now.

Next is the camera performance now here uh, you get a 64 megapixel camera. Now this is a triple camera setup. It's a 64 megapixel primary sensor. Then you get a secondary 2, megapixel macro sensor and a third depth sensor now um. Quite surprisingly, uh the ultra-wide angle.

Camera is missing on this device. That's something which even budget devices these days offer. So that's something which is definitely missing, and you get a 16 megapixel selfie. Camera is also included. Now talking about the camera samples, uh, uh, they come quite good in terms of overall experience, you would say uh the overall experience with the camera, the daylight shots came out quite well good details being offered, the sharpness levels are again.

Good dynamic range is good. There is backlight HDR option, so it has come out quite good. I would say uh: this is definitely good performance, if not the best we can't say this is definitely the best performance out there, but this won't disappoint most users with the in terms of performance, but again ultra-wide angle. Camera is something which is missing on this device. So that's an omission.

Then macro sensor is quite okay, although it might not be the best out there again. Portraits are kind of 4ks again now the beauty mode definitely interferes in this portrait mode, uh low light experience is quite average uh. So overall, we feel camera as a whole is quite satisfactory, if not the best in this price segment. So these are the camera samples we are taking, and you can also record videos in 4k resolution as well as 1080p resolution is supported again. Stabilization is being offered as well, so that is the camera aspect and now, finally, battery life, this device comes with a 4000 my capacity battery with a 33 watt charging included.

Now uh charging is uh pretty fast on this device and 4000 my means you can easily get through a day of battery life, which is quite good. Slightly above a day you might get if you are not a heavy user, but again battery life seems to be quite good because it's more of a lifestyle, a product because slim form factor, light weight and premiums is given with this glass finishing. So it is not a device which can get you like 4000, I mean 5000 or 6000 my capacity battery. So this is a 4000 and for that uh battery capacity. This offers decent performance.

So that is a detailed review of the VIVO y73. So summing up, uh VIVO y73 is a device for offline market, which is quite uh evident from the pricing.20 triple line is slightly on the higher side. Definitely because you get better devices in this price segment, with even 5g support, 120 hertz differentiate, even better processors as well. So this device aims to target people who are looking for a stylish device. Slim device, uh great, build quality, then fit and finish, and even the looks matter, the slimness, the lightweight aspect, AMOLED display, is being offered then decent set of cameras and decent battery life along with a decent performance or overall.

So that's the detailed review of the VIVO y73 now listing out the cons. Again. Pricing is on the high side, no 5g, 5g uh, I won't say it's a corn, but still I'm just listing it out. Then. Apart from that uh, no uh higher refresh rate being offered, then hello g95 is not a processor for this price segment, so that is the detailed review of the VIVO y73 hope you enjoyed watching this video do hit that like button and also hit the red subscribe button for more videos, thanks for watching hope to see in our next video have a great day.

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