ASUS ROG Phone 2 Unboxing and First Look! By Droid Life

By Droid Life
Sep 3, 2021
ASUS ROG Phone 2 Unboxing and First Look!

Hey everyone Tim here for Droid life, welcome back to the channel. Thank you so much for tuning in today, as you can see, we have the all-new, Asus, rogue or Rho G. However, you want to pronounce it. It stands for Republic of gamers, but it's the rogue phone — from a sews, a brand-new device got announced last month. I do believe, and we finally got one in house here with some pretty different packaging. You know.

Typically, you might see this in just sort of like a regular box. You know like a rectangle rectangular cubism thing, but no, the Republic of gamers decided to change it up a bit on us and give us this sweet. Looking thing, and you've got some great branding here on the end, you've got like some type of metallic down here, it's a very nice box. It reminds me of something like you know: plutonium would come in. It's got that sweet slide function going on out here.

Just some you know: specks, ID numbers, etc. , etc. It does list a couple of specs, but I'll go over those here in a moment. Now, let's just get right into the unboxing here, I don't want to keep you waiting too long. So, as we can see here, we just slide it out ever so gently put that there I don't want anything to fall out on accident and because it doesn't want anything to fall out on accident.

I'll go ahead, and I'm the circle around here. Take everything out. That's breakable definitely take the phone out: okay, okay, different phone down, and then, let's see, we've got paperwork. I assume holy money, okay, much more than just paperwork. Let's go ahead! We're going to slide this back inside.

Of that alright complete, go ahead and see what all kind of goodies we got here. We got a bunch of stuff and so okay, opening this up I can tell you right off the bat we've got a case. Oh goodness, alright I'm, just going to pull everything out. That way. You can see it.

I'm going to be making a mess. I just know it. Alright, let's go ahead. We're going to bust into here. Oh I'm, strong! You know, there's probably an easier way.

You always look back on these things, and you're. Like oh wow, there was like a little tab or something right there. I could have just pulled, but now and when you're doing this you just have to go headfirst dive in oh, thank goodness. Okay, so definitely a bumper case. You would label this as not necessarily doesn't provide the most protection right in the world because you know, like imagine, paying $40 for this and, like oh hope, you got that half off it's like getting ripped jeans, it's not a lot there, however um it's cool.

It's got some designs going on here on the inside Republic of gamers, etc. Rog, it's got the logo. There, then alright, that's cool I'm, not trying to knock the case or anything. Of course, we have a USB-C, 2, USB, C, charging, cable data cable- this is your 30 watt. Charging adapter I think is hefty is a brick I think is that's heavy.

We also have oh boy. Ok, tons of ziplock, baggies, um, I'm gonna, be completely honest with you. I, don't know what this is. It does come with a QR code of sorts, so that's nice, oh, these might be trigger replacements, and this definitely not sure what that is. This I think might be a plug for maybe the USB, C port and maybe another trigger I, don't know we're just going to have to dive in I.

Don't know anything about this phone, but I'm very excited, because once we once I start going over the specs with you, you're going to find that this thing is the god phone when it comes to specs. Now this is the. Where do they call this? The arrow active cooler for so when you're, when you're gaming and the device is getting super hot of court? You can just throw this on, and it's like a little fan for your device. So pretty genius. Let's go ahead, though.

Alright I'm, sorry to keep you waiting. Here's the device, let's go over specs we're gonna, pull this off power it up. Alright, this thing feels premium. It's heavy I, think I looked at the weight, I think it's half a pound. It is large and in charge it's actually somewhat glorious, though I mean this is aggressive.

Design and you've got your LED on the backside here, dual cameras, so let's go ahead power it on, and then we'll go over the specs all right power, bi Android, Republic of gamers DTS, X audio for your stereo speakers anyway, specs 6.6 inch, full HD plus am oh gee 6.6 inch, full HD, plus AMOLED display twenty-three forty by ten eighty hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate, so you know, eat that Google eat that one plus everybody who's got the 90 Hertz panels a hundred and twenty same as the razor phone and razor phone to that we saw from Racer so 120 Hertz you're, going to be noticing that in gameplay scrolling through your system, UI, etc. A Qualcomm Snapdragon, 855, plus processor 12, gigs of ram 512 gigs of storage. So plenty of storage plenty of RAM. This thing the performance should be insane inside this body that weighs half a pound is a six thousand William hour battery. Does support quick charge 4.0, so superfast charging. You know for a huge battery capacity, so you're going to be playing games.

You're going to be browsing Twitter doing whatever all day on this thing, and I'm doing Anacin slots do listen to a standby in display fingerprint reader. Has the programmable ultrasonic quote: air trigger touch sensors, so I believe that's what those were for I think up here in the top right is where I think those touch sensors are. We can kind of see that here kind of embedded in the hardware itself on the right side here you've got your power button volume rocker that touch-sensitive panel up there. Maybe these are magnetic I'll, just have to try that out here in a little, nothing here on the top side, except for a noise-cancelling mic on the left here, oh so, this I believe is a port of some kind. I don't want to go digging around, but I'm pretty sure.

That's a port. You've got your sim tray right here on the bottom of 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, as well as USB, see for all of your for your needs. Um I see! Is there anything else front. Stereo speakers, like I, said it does have inside internally. It's got the rogue of the bog gain cool, 3d, vapor chamber, cooling system to keep your device cool and then, of course, you've got this thing that you can strap on there, which keeps it cool too.

Okay, so I understand so this, and what those other things were for this comes out. Watch me just totally break-in. This knob is what it's for. That would be so awesome, and you know God forbid, you cut your fingernails on the day you have to do you have to mess with this thing. I don't even know either way so that right there, this gets inserted right there, it clips on to the back side, and then you have access for the USB, see and headphone jack down here that way, when you're gaming, when you're gaming and landscape, the ports are not covered up, and so you can still access everything.

It's actually a pretty ingenious design. So basically, you've got a dual ported device where this can take the power and the volume or the audio as well as from down here. So that's actually pretty cool design software wise. We have android 9pi with the rogue UI from ASUS built on top on the backside. Here we want to talk about cameras, real quick.

You got a 48 megapixel, plus a 13 megapixel, rear-facing camera with LED flash, of course, and on the front side it is a 24 megapixel camera right there and, of course, large stereo speakers and on the outside exterior of the phone and all don't know if there's too much else to show but like I said, this thing feels heavy: let's go ahead, and I'm going to pause the video here, and we're going to dive into the software and take a look at that wrong. UI and we are with the rogue phone — all set up ready to go ready to game, because you know after diving into this thing through the setup process, you can tell that this phone is definitely made for the gamers. Of course, I mean all the marketing and I mean everything this was made for gamers. Let's just say that I'm, so I was able to dive into this little guy and during the process of the initial setup. Here it's real, quick, and I want to show you.

Oh man, I can just I was able to get in there. Oh come on, so I think it does help. If you come from the back side, there's like a little alright. So there is a little like drippy thing on there hard to show either way, so you've got basically what's two USB seaports over here. However, during the initial setup, you do not want to insert any type of power cable on the right side of it.

You want to do that on the left side, you will see that warning when you power on the device as well. Also, what's nice is during the software setup is you can choose either a classic Android UI or the rogue UI the rogue UI? However, you want to pronounce it I, of course opted for that wrong you. Why? Because I'm a hardcore gamer and as you can see, the raw AI is quite dark, quite awesome. Actually, we have some custom icons going on here for gallery claw contacts, etc. , and it's at the home screen itself the UI, it's actually quite um customizable.

If you long press on that, you can go through wallpapers all that, but edit home screen, you can get scroll effects, icon, label, colors, folder, themes, icon alignment, you can mess with all that you can even go deeper. You can go into the actual settings, menu of the device play with themes and wallpapers and pre-loaded themes right here. I got the dark reactor core and then there's the light luminous core and then of course, just that classic Android UI looks like there's more. You can add wallpapers, of course, so I'm actually pretty solid, colorful nice wallpapers. You know not bad at all.

So as I mentioned hardcore gaming device, what makes it a hardcore gaming device? Well, it's got this thing called X mode, X mode right here in the system toggle. So now, if you toggle that everything goes read the UI changes up, you see that reactor core starts kind of pulsating and instead of orange everything's red now I mean that's cool. In and of itself, however, what is that doing? If we dive into X mode, we kind of get into a game launcher application here and, as you can see, I thought I could hear the fans phone like starting to blare up and, as you can see, it comes with asphalt.9 at least the US model comes with asphalt, 9 preloaded, which is a racing game. So you've got your games lobby, you can launch, you can go into specific game profiles and then also kind of go over the console of the device, sci CPU usage and temperature CPU temperature usage storage memory remaining time on the battery. You can mess with your air triggers from here.

You can mess with the fan, speed the system lighting because, of course it's got that RGB LED on the backside, definitely going to be showing that off in the subway. So if we go back to the games Lobby under the X mode, we can set profiles. So, under the game profiles, we can set individual settings for different aspects of the phone's performance. For example, we can mess with the touch sensitivities. The stabilities block touch edges.

We can go under display. We can up that refresh rate to a hundred and twenty. If we turn off as system, we won 120 Hertz all the way we want anti-aliasing go under performance as system. Of course. No, thank you.

We're going to go, X mode, ultimate, CPU, clock it up, temperature control, and we'll just leave that as default. We want power consumption to be at maximum. Furthermore, we want the audio. Furthermore, we want call exclusive mode. Now we don't even care.

We can restrict background sync through the network settings as well as prevent switching networks. That's just going to help you kind of stay connected. You know if you in a multiplayer Lobby or something like that, you can just kind of mess with all those things. Do you want to yeah? That's fine! So you know a lot like the Racer prone to except this is a bit more comprehensive in terms of the things that you can mess with. So I like that I like being able to manage what my CPU is going to be clocked at, or my refresh rate is going to be clocked at I.

Think that's awesome. You know like say on the 1 + 7 Pro or the pixel. You know you could say those are good for gaming, but you only give two options right. Furthermore, you can switch between the 60 Hertz or the 90 Hertz. This offers you so much more control and I know gamers.

You know the Windows game or the know the PC gamers. They absolutely love having that type of control, so I think that's a huge, a huge bonus for getting this device. You know if you're really into the mobile games and, of course, if you disable x-mode everything kind of cools down the reactor closes back up. Everything goes it's not as intense and as like. Oh my god, something's happening yeah, which is nice back down here in the settings, was a couple of things I want to show you under advanced, so you've got your game genie, twin, apps, etc.

, etc. Under OptiPlex, it accelerates, app launches, reduces app reloads and saves power on standby have not seen OptiPlex. Maybe this is an ASUS exclusive type of thing, but I'm definitely going to be trying that out love the idea that it accelerates app launches, definitely going to be checking that out. So here's your air triggers definitely up on this top right side and top left side. So you can play certain games with those air triggers and enabled very cool, and then, of course, you can tweak them and, however, you need to be a short squeeze for Google Assistant, long squeeze 4x mode.

You can change your squeeze level kind of like me and what you can do on those pixel phones, just kind of squeeze on the sides, very cool built in screen recorders, as well as being able to stream your devices what's happening on the device straight to YouTube from this software. So you know a lot of things were made with gamers in mind and, as we all know, mobile gaming, it's growing it's a real thing. It's here to stay, it's not going anywhere! You know all you consul, bros are just going to have to deal hate to say it and either way. I can't wait to dive into this phone. It's $8.99 if you can find it and currently I, think up for pre-order on B&H and Amazon Asus I think it's sold out on their website, but $8.99 for this is the spec beast of 2019 I. Don't think it's going to be getting any bigger than this thing.

It's pretty incredible, at least from the 5 minutes. I've been playing with it, just the performance kind of seems off of the chain, so I'm going to download all my favorite games, I'm going to dive in I'll. Give you guys the full review. If you guys have any questions comments, concerns feel free to leave them down in the description below and until then we are dried life piece.

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