Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8 Oreo Update - Speed Test! By Tech Timmers

By Tech Timmers
Sep 3, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8 Oreo Update - Speed Test!

This will be speed test between the Samsung, Galaxy, S, 9 plus versus the galaxy know aid now both of these phones are US unlocked variants, so they both have Snapdragon processors, the 8:45 on the s9 + and the 8:35 on the new, a both have six gigs of RAM and the note a has been updated to Android a taro, Oreo and Samsung experience. Nine turn on both at the same time see which one has the faster boot up. Let's go, and we are here, go ahead and clear the background on the note, eight and there's something in the background on the s9 already. So, let's get started by tapping the phone app s, nine messages, whew, no, eight camerae there. You go the calculator on both s, 9 plus clock, on both tests, nine plus go ahead and start the stopwatch. Leave that running in the background play store on both click on this one.

Leave it on that page eBay on both phones, all very close. Maybe they don't eat on this one go ahead and click on this laptop leave. It there Adobe Acrobat, Reader, that's 9, plus the speed test app. There we go both on the same server, go ahead and start with a note, eat first check out the scores for yourself. The Samsung internet, browsers on both goat go to Amazon on both about the same.

Do some scrolling on both get. This will pop up out of the way on that's nine. There we go to the full site of Amazon and give this one -. That's 9, + pinch-to-zoom, both very smooth, close it out. Super Mario run loading on both and that's 9, plus a little ahead, tap to begin close it out.

Subway surf subway surfers Iceland loading on both and ooh. That's 9, plus it's a head tap to play, close it out tap, will run to blazing sand and that's 9 plus is ahead here and give this win to the s9. + going to go ahead and tap to play close it out. Angry Birds 2 logging in on both that's 9 plus, is ahead, but will denote eat ketchup and s9 +. Taking this one close, this up grand theft, auto San Andreas, let's go ooh both neck-and-neck right now, but I think the estimate plus is ahead by a little and give this one to the s9 + CSR racing —, hearing noise from —, 9, + and that's 9.

+ is ahead on this game as well close it out Twitter on both phones, identical Snapchat identical. So let's take a look at the multitasking of both devices. Everything is in the background, so you can see right here. So I'm going to go ahead and start out with Twitter there. We go CSR racing, —, paused and ready to resume on both grand theft, auto San Andreas ready to play Angry Birds — ready to play also Temple Run — ready to resume on both phones, subway surf ready to resume as well.

Super Mario run and both are continuing the game. The internet browsers same place, speed desktop same place, Adobe Acrobat, Reader same place, eBay still at the same place, Play Store right where I left it off our both phones, going to run the table right now: clock right, a stopwatch calculator on both there. You go still in RAM the camera and a little for started on the right. I think message is same place and the phone app still in RAM boom so hit me up in the comments, and, let me know or just thought about this match up: Samsung nights out there put the Galaxy Note 8. Are you sticking with this device, or did you upgrade to the Galaxy S 9 Plus, this being the newer device, upgraded specs like the Snapdragon, 845 and Android Orion out of the box? However, with that said, the Galaxy Note 8 does have the S Pen.

Let me know in the comments down below thanks for watching peace out.

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