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Aug 15, 2021
Coolpad Legacy Review (Metro By T-mobile)

Hey guys this is Mike from Tech reviews here, and today we're going to take a look at the cool pad legacy from metro by T-Mobile. Hey guys, welcome back to my channel now today, we're going to take a look at the cool pad legacy and I just want to give a big huge, shout out to cool pad America again for sending me this phone. This is actually my first phone by Metro by T-Mobile. Now I've had this phone for a little more than a week now, and it's given me time to kind of play around with it. I've already made a couple of videos on it. So if you guys want to check those videos out, please go to my channel and check those last couple of videos that I did one about the camera etc.

like that. But today we're just gonna talk about the phone in its entirety itself, my experiences with it and how I like this phone. So again, this phone was released an early May of this year 2019, and this is basically cool, pads flagship at the moment, at least from what I know. I don't know if they're going to be coming out with any other devices, but just having this phone over the week and a half I can tell you guys right away that I've been definitely impressed. Okay, first, the build quality is just amazing.

On this phone I mean all around you. You have that big six point four inches touchscreen display. It's got a 1080 by 2160 resolution, so you know you have a very nice big screen to look at, especially when watching videos and other things like Netflix, YouTube, etc. Like you know, on the rear, let's go to the back here. You have a 16 megapixel camera on the front.

You have a 13, megapixel camera, so very good. All the way around. As far as camera quality go, and I'm gonna talk about the camera quality more towards the end, because I do have videos that I did shoot with it. A couple of days back, and I want to go over that. But again you know let's continue to go over specs guys.

Let me put the phone back down here so going over specs again, this thing does have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor, it's an outscore processor clocked at 1.8 gigahertz. It's got 32 gigs of storage with expandable memory, so you can put a micros card in there, suffer your songs, pictures etc. Like that one thing that has not disappointed me about this phone is its battery. Okay, it has a four thousand William batteries, so basically it's going to get you through the entire day, maybe even longer, depending on how you use this phone. But for the most part it is very good on its battery life.

I have not had an issue as far as its battery life goes. It also comes with a quick charger. So definitely you know, of course, no wireless charging, no NFC, nothing like that, but at the same time you have to look at the price point of this one. It's only 130 dollars for Metro by T-Mobile, and definitely very a lot of little things that this phone doesn't have that you know you can kind of deal without so again, no NFC, there's no waterproofing on this phone whatsoever, so you guys got to be careful when you know around pools or sinks or even the toilet, so to speak. But you know on the back there.

It does have a very nice fingerprint sensor that it's relatively quick I mean I, have not I have not had any bumps with this fingerprint sensor like I'm, just going to tap it really quick, and you know, for the most part, I don't have any issues. I have not had any issues with the fingerprint sensor. It's very, relatively quick also has faced unlock, also for so for those of you guys who are interested in face unlock mine says right now that the face recognition just failed, unfortunately, but for the most part it's been pretty good with the face facial recognition, also considering that this thing does run off Android 9.0 Pi, so you know again, overall I've just been very impressed with this phone again. You know I'll talk about I'll, go more into the cameras a little towards the end, but Man 4 for the price point. This is probably one of the most budget-friendly phones that I've ever worked with, and if this is cool pads.

First attempt at a know very good budget, smartphone that I have all the confidence in the world that they will actually put out even better phones in the future. Okay, so cannot complain there. You know this phone has things that newer flagship devices don't have like that.3.5 millimeter, headphone jack, you know again, it's got USB type-c charging. It's got dual speakers, although, if you like cover one of them, you can only hear it basically out of one of them, so you know it doesn't sound bad though, for what it is. You know this phone sounds perfect and performance.

Wise again, you know you have that snap dry, Snapdragon, 650, processor or actually excuse me a Snapdragon 450 processor. So it's not slow to stoop. INE means I mean you're, gonna, you're going to be able to multitask and get through from app to app without any issues. Now let me just show you guys again how Twitter and other apps like face. You know Instagram whatever work again, you can see me here that I'm just kind of I'm connected to Wi-Fi by the way I didn't activate this phone, but for the most part you know, you're not going to get any stutter Enos, it's very smooth and fluid, and again guys rich you're, some really impressive phone for what it is.

Let's, let's go to Instagram here, and we can show you guys, Instagram I, really wish Instagram had had a dark mode by the way so Instagram, if you're, watching in on this, make a dark mode right. But for the most part we would look. I got a notification. J-Money started following me, so for the most part again guys very impressed on how this phone works again. The fluidity of the device is relatively good.

Considering its price point, I have not used the phone in this price point yet to where I have not experienced a lot of Junk and there is going to be a little here and there you know you're, not gonna. It's not going to be a perfect phone, but at the same time you know, would you rather buy this at the price point than its at? Or would you rather spend another 150 dollars on a device like the motor g7, which you know basically has all the same features of it ?, maybe just a few things that you know go with it. So you know again, you know, I would rather spend the money on a cheap phone like this, then have basically go through. You know the other devices. So, let's see again price point wise.

It's again, 1:30. Let's take a look at some video quality here on YouTube and again excuse the slow loading times. That is my Wi-Fi. It is not it is, not the actual thing. So, let's go ahead and give you guys some sound from the speakers and I might have an ad here.

Let's see if I do, and I completely forgot that I have a love mic connected to me guys. So if the sound quality doesn't sound good on your end, it's because I do have a love mic, so totally didn't even think about that. But overall, though that sounds good I want to give it maybe like a 7 out of 10 when it comes to playback, you really have to kind of get it past that 70 percent mark. In order to hear it really. Well, though, so that's one thing that I want to just get feedback on as far as that goes other than that, though, perfect, you know.

One thing that I probably fail to mention at the beginning of this video is the yes. This phone does have a little of bezels on top and on the bottom, but it's not to the point where, like you know, it's going to bug you that much it has a little of a chin, but not not too bad. One thing that I want to see cool pad. Do probably is if you over up here on the upper left-hand corner. You do have a LED flash.

That is an indicator for charging, and you know notifications. It turns green I, don't know if there are apps out there that allows you to change the color on that. But for the most part you know have an option to change the colors I think that would be pretty cool. I. Remember the original Nexus devices had that or when you would get notifications on like Twitter or Instagram or whatever Facebook.

It would actually change colors for from the app that you were actually getting the notification from, but other than that you know again, there are no issues as far as the bottom bezels whatsoever. Again for a normal usage, you know your normal drop-down menu bar looks like this. You know you have your Wi-Fi, your Bluetooth, your battery saver, your Do Not Disturb, your flashlight, which you know your people are whew hello, it's brighter than it looks. I'll tell you that much on camera, but you have your flashlight airplane mode, etc. , and then you have screenshot options.

Your hotspot- and it also has a night mode option which, for some people might be very good, because you know it's gonna, be a less strenuous on the eyes guys and for the most part you know if you guys have issues seen at nighttime when it comes to the brighter lights. Night mode is going to help your eyes out a lot. It's technically supposed to be better for you. So again, you know guys, for the most part, I'm very satisfied with this device and how I've been able to use it. The past couple of weeks that I've had it already now.

There is a little of gripes when it comes to the camera and right now, I'm going to go to the camera mode and kind of just show you guys, you know exactly how the camera mode works, etc. Like that, so camera mode wise, this thing is not bad. Has it has a lot of good little features, so you have your video mode, which you know shoots in 720 and 1080 P. You don't know if it's picking that up or not you have photo regular photo mode which will allow you to turn on and off your HDR. So your HDR setting is over here.

You have your again timer mode, which you can time it to 3 seconds up to 10 seconds. You have your automatic flash, which is pretty typical. Of course, it does have a different type of filter. So you can, you know, change it to black and white. You can change it to.

You know a negative mode so that the pictures kind of look Trippe, I'm gonna, take a picture of that by the way that looks pretty cool, and we can go back and look at the look at the picture really quick. So you can see there that the camera is actually relatively quick in taking pictures, and one thing that would surprise me the most is that this thing does have a shot mode over here. So let me see if I can get that, for you guys has a night shot mode and I did take a bunch of pictures in the evening in regular mode and in night shot mode. Just so you guys can kind of see the comparison. I wouldn't say it's nearly as good as the pixel 3 or the Pixel 3a I think they kind of own that when it comes to night shots, but for the most part for having a phone being able to use night shot mode in experiencing night shot mode, you can really tell the difference on what you have there.

So definitely I'm going to show you guys a few shots before I finish up here on the camera mode here does have a slow-motion mode and a panoramic mode. So it's missing a time-lapse mode, though I wish that this phone had a time-lapse mode on it. A lot of the newer devices out there are coming out with time-lapse mode. So, just one thing to know: if you guys are looking for a phone that to take video or time-lapses with again basic features like all motor sound geotagging, you can change the aspect ratio right now, I have it set to 14 by 3 again the front-facing camera is set to 14 our 4 by 3, and let's see, video resolution only goes between the 1080 and 720, so you have no other options as far as is video playback there and same thing with the front facing camera as well. That's the back front-facing camera.

You can actually shoot in 1080p and 720p. Front-Facing camera is shoots in 1080p. So that's really totally good. If you guys decide that you want to vlog with it with a phone like this I think that you can't complain too hard on that no 4k. Obviously, but again, do you really need 4k? You know when shooting and when buying a phone under $150 or do you expect 4k I, don't expect 4k, but as long as it takes good, 10 1080p video I can't complain.

So now, let's talk about the video before I talk about pictures. So, a few days ago, I actually posted a pic. You know, I did a video, or I went out and shot with this specific device. Now I went to an environment that was kind of dark, but it was also kind of lighted in some areas, and I'm talking about like room decent lighting I'm, not talking about like poor lighting, so I went out and shot some video with this, and I'm, not 100% sure. Why? But I had a lot of issues with the rear facing camera here and if you guys want to check that video I'm going to post that video in the link below, or I'll post it in the card towards the end of the video, but I had a lot of issues with the rear facing camera.

For whatever reason I, don't know what was going on, I, don't know if it's a bug or a glitch or just some sort of you know minor hardware issues with this device, but well what is that noise? Okay, so I'm? Sorry, this thing started making noise over here so I, don't again, I don't have a gripe with the actual cameras itself. I think that it takes perfect pictures, but for whatever reason, the night mode or the video mode on the rear-facing camera is awful. So when I mean awful, it takes really low-light shots. The camera that has a really hard time focusing it's really grainy I, had actually better I had a better performance with the front-facing camera than I did with the actual rear facing camera, especially at nighttimes. So, let's see if I can get that going for you guys so, so front facing camera, which I still have this thing set to negative I.

Don't know why, on let's see, okay, let me change that mode back to normal I'm, a negative mode, so I had a really hard time. Maybe we can put myself in the shot here there. So I had a really hard time shooting again with this NI time. The front-facing camera had no issues, but the rear facing camera, for whatever reason again just had a lot of issues and again I, don't know if that's a software bug or if it's just something that cool pad didn't look into a lot of other YouTubers posted on the comments after that video saying: hey, I, don't have issues with that on my phone, so maybe it's just this specific tester unit that cool pad sent me. But again this thing was brand new in box.

It wasn't open or anything like that. You know I basically unboxed it like if it was a brand-new phone, so just one thing to note guys and other than that I'm really impressed by the camera mode on this specific device. If others have this and they and they tell you hey that their camera is good or whatever that could be true again. Mine might just have that issue as far as filming or recording on the rear-facing, camera and video, it wasn't just the lighting it was like you know, it was really shaky at times also, and I was actually using a tripod or a gorilla. Pod, whatever you want to call it, and I was still getting a lot of ugly feedback from it.

So again, I'm going to post that video in the card towards the end of this video. So you guys can check that out and you guys give me your opinion so going back guys, let's go ahead and show you those photos that I took- and we can definitely share with you guys- and let me know what you guys think, and we're going to do that right now, alright guys, and we're back so again, I appreciate you guys taking a look at those photos that I took with this again I'm very impressed by the camera quality on this device. Given its price point and now that you guys can actually get this phone off Boost Mobile for I believe $99, so you're probably going to end up seeing this phone on other prepaid carriers such as a Virgin, Mobile, Boost Mobile, maybe simple mobile or whatever it's called simple Wireless and just other carriers in general I had asked cool pad. Hey. Are you guys going to just release an unlocked version of this, and they told me, maybe if the marquee ax is you know basically asking for it, so I mean, for the most part super impressed by this phone.

It would be a big seller, in my opinion, if they, if this did sell as an unlock device and that's just my two cents on it, but for the most part guys for what you're paying and for what you're getting. You cannot really complain too hard I mean me, I mean I, know, but I've been known to nitpick in the past, about certain devices and whatever, and that's because me as a consumer, you know we buy the devices. You know we, we can tell you right off, hey if it's bad or good, but for the most part you know, cool pet is not paying me to say this I, so I. So just take that with a grain of salt that I believe this phone is worth the money. If you're going to look into buying this phone guys, it's definitely worth the money.

If you're, if you're, considering spending over $200 on another phone with similar specs I, would actually go with this, just because of the price point: save that extra 70 to $100 get yourself a cool pad legacy. You know the screens beautiful I, that's one thing that I probably did not mention right now: I actually have the the brightness set too low, but we can go back and actually brighten that hold on I did something wrong in there right now, I have it set to like 20 percent or whatever, but you can actually brighten this up a little. Let's see if I can do that, and you know when you brighten it, you can definitely tell that it's more the know it's definitely a lot brighter there. The reason why I don't is that my camera is kind of weird, and it's very it's very saturated at some points, so I like to have it a little low so that it picks up for you guys again, just other things about this device that you guys might not know about is Android pay does allow dark mode on this, so you can actually change this back to light mode or depending on your wallpaper again right now, I have it set to dark mode, but you know it doesn't have any major features that you know I would really want to go over. I mean basic stuff.

That goes with Android your accessibility. You know it allows you to change the font size, the display size. You can turn magnification on or off. Let's just go scrolling down here a little. You know you can have the auto, or you can have the power button set to turn hang-up when you're on the phone.

You can change it to mono audio. If you're not satisfied with stereo, you can actually turn on high contrast text. So if I were to turn that on, you can kind of tell that you know the contrast looks a little different now it might not look for it. It might not look like it on the camera just because of the way I have it set here. Allow real-time text messaging, allow messaging within a voice call.

So that's pretty interesting. You know your basic stuff, you know it's got. It's got that face unlocks for people that you know like to do face unlock. Let's, let's, let's test out the face unlock here on camera again, I'm not, and you see there just opened on its own. So let's turn it off.

I'm going to turn it back on, and it works pretty quick for the most part, I think Android has gotten better with its face unlock features and whatnot. You know what I mean so again. You know this phone does not come with a lot of bloatware out of the box. Just your typical metro by T-Mobile a few apps here and there Google won. You know mostly just google apps I mean it doesn't come with a lot of stuff.

It does have a built-in sound recorder and for somebody that asked a while back on my on the unboxing video they asked. Does this have an FM radio, tuner or whatever? Yes, it does. You do have to connect a pair of actual wired headphones to it in order for it to work, though. So, if you click it, it's going to tell you please plug in the headset to use the FM radio, so, for those of you who are interested in that you know it does have a file explorer. Also, so you know if you download things or whatever you know, you can go straight here, and it'll show you exactly where the file is so again guys.

You know this is my take on the cool pad legacy buy from metro by T-Mobile. So please leave a comment down below and tell me what you guys liked about this video tell me what you guys didn't like about this video. You know I do plan to make a few more videos, so don't think that this is the only video that I'm going to make I'm. Probably gonna. Do a gaming, video and whatnot and just kind of get you know, try to make as many videos as I can with this device.

You know as far as you know, what's going good with it, what's going wrong with it, etc. like that as long as I have it so again guys this is Mike from be tech, review signing off you guys like this video, please give it a thumbs up. You guys, like my channel, please hit that subscribe button and hit that notification bell so that you guys can get updated on when I'm uploading my videos and as always, thank you guys for watching we'll see you guys next time.

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